Custom PTFE Gasket

Product Details

As one of the leading rubber products manufacturers and suppliers in China, Qianlang now brings you quality and durable ptfe gasket made in China. Providing you with customized service, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our rubber products and check the quotation with us.

PTFE has a variety of applications as a sealing material which is widely used in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, power, steel industry, etc.

PTFE Performance Advantages:

High temperature - operating temperature up to 250.

Low temperature resistance - PTFE has good mechanical toughness; even if the temperature dropped to -196, it also can maintain the 5% elongation.

Corrosion resistance - PTFE can resist almost chemicals and solvents, it’s inert and it can resist to strong acid and alkali resistance, water and a variety of organic solvents.

Weather resistance - PTFE has the best aging resistance in plastics.

High lubrication - PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction in solid materials.

No adhesion - PTFE has the smallest surface tension in solid materials and does not adhere to any substance.

Non-toxic – PTFE has physiological inertia, there is no adverse reactions when implant the artificial blood vessels and organs in the body for long time.


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