Different Sizes Neoprene HNBR Polyurethane FVMQ O-Rings

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Different Sizes Neoprene HNBR Polyurethane FVMQ O-Rings


Neoprene O-Rings, HNBR O-Rings, Polyurethane O-Rings and FVMQ O-Rings are not largely used, but also for many industries.


Quick Details

Neoprene O-Rings

40~90A, Black, -40 ~100°C

HNBR O-Rings

50~90A, Black, -40°C~150°C

Polyurethane O-Rings

50~90A, Black, -40°C~80°C

FVMQ O-Rings

40~80A, Blue, -60°C~177°C

Neoprene O-Rings have good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, and resistant to sunlight, ozone resistance, acid resistance, chemical resistance. And Neoprene O-rings have high tensile strength and seawater resistance. Neoprene O-rings are widely used in the ship equipment, sports equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, audio, toys, security monitoring, automotive, industrial machinery and equipment, etc.


HNBR O-Rings have excellent corrosion resistance, tear resistance and compression set resistance, good ozone resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance. HNBR O-Rings are Suitable for washing machine, automobile engine systems and refrigeration systems which use new environment friendly refrigerant R134a.


Polyurethane O-Rings have excellent abrasion resistance, good oil resistance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance.


FVMQ O-Rings have excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, and also good resistant to varsol, oil and acid. FVMQ O-Rings are widely used in aviation, automobile, electric power, electronic appliances, textile, machinery and buildings, etc.

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