Why Can A Rubber Gasket Seal?

Sealing generally involves at least 3 parts, one seal and two sealed parts.

The sealed surface of the sealed part seems to be smooth, but in fact, its surface is uneven. If there is no seal, it can be imagined that when two seals are bonded together, there are many small gas or liquid channels on the bonding surface, which leads to leakage.

For example, if the surface roughness of the sealing surface is 3.2, the surface is smooth enough by hand, but the surface is uneven in microscopic view, and the rubber sealing ring is to isolate these uneven microstructures. In this way, the gas or liquid will not pass through the sealing surface, that is to say, it can play a sealing role.

In fact, not only rubber, plastic, metal can be sealed. Rubber is often used in low pressure environments, where high and medium availability plastics such as PTFE (a plastic) are available. Ultra high pressure places can be sealed with copper and other metals.

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