What Are The Common Faults Of Rubber Shock Absorbers?

The common faults of rubber dampers are the key issues in automobile maintenance. Rubber dampers have excellent performance in alleviating automobile vibration and promoting more stable running of automobiles. They are widely used in various types of automobiles, especially in the two-way cylinder series. As one of the vulnerable components of automobile, regular maintenance can effectively ensure the safety of automobile driving and prolong the service life of related components. Usually, if the rubber shock absorber fails, it can be detected by the following methods:

First, let the car drive about 10 kilometers in a relatively bad road condition before checking the shock absorber housing. If the heat is limited, the shock absorber may be out of order. Of course, it is also possible that the shock absorber oil shortage caused by this time can be properly added to the lubricant detection. On the contrary, it's a real failure, requiring the replacement of a new rubber shock absorber.

Second, the shock absorber will be safe if there are two corresponding jumps after the bumper is released.

Thirdly, when the car brakes sharply at low speed, the rubber shock absorber will inevitably be out of condition if there is a significant vibration in the car. The car needs to be maintained in 4S shop.

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