What Are The Causes And Solutions Of Bubble Formation In Silicone Tube?

Why do silicone tube produce bubbles?

1. Material problem: Estimate that transparent silica is impure or mixed with other white carbon black.

2. Coking problems: rubber mixing is not uniform, filling capacity is unreasonable, and the temperature and time of rubber discharging are not well controlled.

How should we solve it?

1: Aiming at the problem of raw materials: Choose transparent white carbon black with better purity, clean up kneader and refining transparent compound.

2: In view of the coking process problems: control kneading temperature, control kneading time, extend the original kneading time by 5-10 minutes, and then arrange rubber inspection.

In short, the mixing temperature of the silicone tube mill is too low, or the mixing degree is not enough, the dispersion degree of fillers is not enough, and the air is not exhausted during vulcanization.

A sharp blade can be used to cut the vesicles. If there is yellow in it, it is a problem of RD, because it seems that the hardness of the rubber is low.

RD is not easy to disperse, operating oil is more, if added with carbon black, it is easy to cause carbon black clusters, will also foam, observe vesicles.

Shape, if irregular, is the problem of material dispersion, such as RD, film, etc. If round, it may be water or other, but

It's not likely to be a water problem. Bubbles will appear when the curing temperature is too high.

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