UV Glue Instructions

1, will be adhesion of two objects is transparent and the surface is clean, dry and grease-free;

2, in which UV shadowless adhesive on the surface, closing two planes, with the appropriate wavelength (typically 365nm-400nm) and power UV lamps or lighting with high-pressure mercury lamp for illumination, light from the Center to the periphery, and confirm that the light can penetrate to the bonding parts;

3, suggested that when the light about 6s, mapping, remove glue remaining on the workpiece and then light again until fully cured;

4, curing time according to the operational readiness of different materials, plastic differ depending on thickness, UV intensity. Recommends that users purchase UV intensity meter adhesive before light strength testing to reduce the scrap rate;

5, the temperature on the activity of the glue also had little impact, low temperature curing time should be extended appropriately;

6, the operation should not squeeze and repeated friction bonding material, and recommend the use of fixing tools;

7, plastic bonding time, should consider the contents of UV absorbers in plastic, will seriously affect the content of high ultraviolet transmittance, and thus also have a significant impact on the glue curing efficiency, or even cause the glue to cure;

8, recommended for large-area bonding with low viscosity products. Condition case, best buy vacuum equipment, fitting in a vacuum environment, in order to remove air bubbles, the productivity;

9, the above instructions are for reference only, appropriate adjustment according to specific customer requirements for specific operations