The Operation Principle Of UV Glue

Glue plastic glue and UV glue, it must be through ultraviolet radiation to the premise of the glue to cure, or glue photos connected with the exposure to UV light and single, in theory there is no ultraviolet light exposure almost never glue curing.

UV natural daylight and artificial light sources in two ways. Stronger the UV curing faster curing time ranges in 10-60 seconds. Natural daylight, sunny weather, ultraviolet rays from the Sun will faster the more strong. However, when there is no strong sunlight can only use artificial UV light source. Many different types of artificial UV light source, power differences are very great, small can be as small as a few Watts of power, can reach tens of thousands of Watts of power.

Glue produced by different manufacturers or different type of cured at different speeds. For glue must be light-cured, for bonding adhesive transparent rubber without shadow can only two objects or one must be transparent, so that exposure to ultraviolet light can glue it.