The Influence Of Rubber Material On The Performance Of Paint And Coating Construction?

The influence of rubber material on the performance of paint and coating construction?

Cangzhou Tong Fuk Rubber Products factory expert answer rubber material is non crystalline high cent body material, its influence on paint and painting construction mainly manifests in the following several aspects:

1, surface tension small rubber is a non-polar material, the surface can be low, especially polyolefin rubber, silicone rubber and fluoro rubber, belong to difficult to adhere to the material, the adhesion of paint is unfavorable.

2, easy swelling or dissolved rubber most or oil, swelling or dissolution of the phenomenon, in the paint construction process, due to swelling and solvent evaporation of the volume shrinkage of shrinkage stress, will cause a series of paint defects, and even lead to coating peeling.

3, the elastic modulus of large rubber as an elastomer, when subjected to external forces will produce deformation, mainly compression deformation and tensile deformation, resulting in corresponding stress, so the elastic modulus of the coating must match the rubber substrate, otherwise the stress generated during the deformation will destroy the adhesion of the coating.

4, the resistance of large rubber chemical structure determines its resistance is very large, general resistivity, with a strong electrostatic, but with carbon black reinforced products, its surface resistance and volume resistance can be greatly reduced, before painting on the rubber components have enough knowledge, to help correct selection of appropriate treatment methods and paints.