The Forming Method Of Nylon Washer

The Nylon Gaskets is made by injection molding. This method applies the principle of approximate syringe. The body of the syringe is the injection molding machine. The injection is the melting of the plastic material. The pressure of the finger on the syringe is the oil pressure. The injection pressure is used to make the raw material pass through a fine "door". The small hole will flow into the mold and make the raw material form. Its main features are that it can produce a large quantity of the same quality in a relatively short time; from the delivery of the raw material to the removal of the molded products, the automation can be fully realized; it can make the molding products with high dimensional precision, complex structure and so on. On the other hand, the investment in equipment is very large, and the cost of mould is very high. Taking into account the depreciation of the mold, it can be said that this method is not suitable for small batch production.

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