The Difference Between Silicone Products And Rubber Products

We often say that "silicone rubber products" which is actually a chemical combination between silicone products and rubber products, but I think many people don’t know the difference between both, now let me introduce for you.


Rubber can be divided into synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Natural rubber is one polymer of isoprene, it is processed and made from rubber latex, and synthetic silicone is made by polymerization or polycondensation of the monomer, the synthetic rubber can be out of shape by external force with a rapid ability to restore the original shape, because it has good physical properties, there are automobile tires, rubber hose, seal ring, adhesive tape, insulation materials and other rubber products. Compared to silicone products, rubber products have good toughness, abrasion resistance, good dielectric and corrosion resistance which are better than the rubber products. Generally rubber products are always used in large machines, industrial equipment, and automotive transport equipment and so on.


Silicone products are a one-component of liquid rubber products in room temperature vulcanization from the chemical point. It is elastomer of organic silicon as raw material, compared to rubber products, now a lot of life products are made from silicone instead of rubber, because firstly silicone products are not toxic and rubber products are toxic, and silicone products are colorless and tasteless, and environmental protection, also very soft, but the rubber products are odor, colored, polluting the environment. Now silicone products are widely used in various industries.


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