The Demand For Special Rubber For Automobiles

Compared with the foreign automotive rubber parts production industry, China's auto rubber parts production industry, in addition to solving the problems of small-scale enterprises, production and management mechanisms, also urgently needs to solve the problems of raw materials, technological equipment, product quality and variety. For example, the ever-increasing performance of automobiles and the ever-increasing ambient temperature of auto parts have made the development and application of new high-performance raw materials with excellent oil resistance and high-temperature resistance an important issue in the automotive rubber parts manufacturing industry.

At present, foreign automotive rubber parts companies are using ACM, CSM, CPE, HNBR, FKM, On the basis of new rubber types such as epichlorohydrin rubber and silicone rubber, special types of special-purpose rubbers have also been continuously developed and applied, such as modified loose EPDM rubber of ExxonMobil Corporation's trademark Vistalon 8800. It is a super-soft material that is oil-extended, has a low ethylene mass fraction, a high diene content, and compresses permanent deformation over a wide temperature range.

In contrast, the main materials for automotive rubber parts in China are mostly traditional rubber types such as natural rubber (NR), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and EPDM, etc. , FKM, epichlorohydrin rubber and silicone rubber have only a few applications. The reason for this is that the new rubber species that can be produced in China still needs further improvement. Only a few varieties of ACM, CSM, FKM, silicone rubber and epichlorohydrin rubber can be produced. Second, with the exception of ACM and CSM, the output of the new rubber seed is extremely small, production has not yet formed a large scale, the product has not formed serialization, and the quality has yet to be improved. Many varieties also rely on imports. Third, the application of new rubber seeds is not enough. There is a lack of awareness and ability to actively use new raw materials to improve product quality and production technology. The vast majority of research work remains on the application of existing raw materials. This has, to some extent, limited and affected the development of high-performance automotive rubber products in China. Experts believe that in the face of a good demand outlook for special rubber for automobiles, it is essential for China to develop special rubber machines.