The Advantages Of Fluorosilicone Seals And Its Application

The fluorosilicone seal has good heat resistance, excellent oil resistance and solvent resistance.

Fluorosilicone seal, Fluorosilicone O-ring for automotive air conditioning has good low temperature resistance which is better than Fluorine rubber O-ring. Fluorosilicone seal also has excellent resistance to aviation fuel oil, hydraulic oil, oil, chemical reagents and solvents. And it also can work in -55 ~ +200 for long-term.

The fluorosilicone has both the advantages of fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, good oil resistance, solvent resistance, fuel oil resistance and high and low temperature resistance. And fluorosilicone also can resist to oxygen-containing compounds, aromatics-containing solvents and chlorine-containing solvents. Fluorosilicone seals are generally used for aerospace, aerospace and military applications. But do not exposure to ketones and brake oil. The general working temperature range is -50 ~ 200.