Talk About Sealant Coating Process

A, pre-Assembly check the seals after the pretreatment for deformation and impact Assembly, to be preinstalled. To trim the deformation of the sealing surfaces, sealing gap should be uniform, gap between best in 0.1-0.2mm and maximum of 0.8mm to fit the seal Assembly.

Second, trimmed to remove excess glue side of the pressurized curing extrusion, improving appearance quality. Trimming is not the rubber layers.

Three, adhesive treatment immediately after, attention should be evenly. Common methods include hand painting, spraying, roller coating, pressure, pressure and vacuum impregnation, dipping. One piece, a small amount of glue hand, using brush, spatula and wheel in various shapes, large-area coating spray gun can be used, but the glue is much thinner. High-cut adhesive gap could be using the bet method. Casting in large quantities of glue pressure or vacuum impregnation method is used.

Four, pretreatment on the sealing surface of the objective is to remove grease, paint, rust, and dust. Diesel fuel and gasoline are commonly used cleaning fluid, precision or a small area of machine parts used acetone, acetic vinegar and banana water wash solvent, sealing surface of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium metasilicate and sodium alkali solution cleaning. Ideal is treated with trichloroethylene vapors. Patent leather available flame blowtorch burned again with rust remover or the method of washing.