Suction Cups Processing Technology

Suction Cups Processing technology

How to understand the rubber molding process

Compression molding is a simple and easy way to make simple rubber parts. The process is similar to waffle making - the unvulcanized rubber is placed in the mold cavity and then closed and heated for a given amount. When the parts have been cured, they are removed from the mold.

The intermediate precision of compression molding production, which is defined as satisfying the following quality standard parts:

Rubber Manufacturers Association, RMA-A2

RMA Class A O-ring Tolerance

ISO3601-1 seal tolerance

ISO3601-3 grade N and S level tolerances

Compression Molds are capable of producing the widest range of parts. The size of the section can range from 0.024 inches to 30 inches in diameter.

Compression molding process

Compression molding consists of several steps:

The uncured rubber compound is formed in an appropriate shape and size based on the final component structure. This uncured rubbery shape is called a preform - it is prepared to be formed or molded. Each mold will have a different shape and size of the preform of the best.When the optimal preform is determined, it has two dimensions of its tolerance and shape to properly ensure that the form of the part is important. Excessive material is a waste, and may cause the flash to become too thick, and too little material may cause in some voids.

The preform is placed in the cavity of the heated mold. Then the mold is closed. Heat and pressure are applied to the press press. The press used in production utilizes a programmable logic controller to monitor and control key parameters such as temperature, pressure and time to ensure that the forming needs to be in place in a predetermined tolerance window. Then open the mold. The cured rubber pieces are removed with their flash.

And then through the molding process after the manufacturing operation is carried out, it may include trimming, post-curing, automatic inspection and packaging.