Structural Properties And Use Of Rubber Plug

Structural properties and use of rubber plug

Hydraulic rubber stopper

Hydraulic rubber seals are the basic components of mechanical products. Almost every hydraulic product can not be separated from it. It is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, engineering machinery and general machinery. Seals are used to prevent liquid leakage and prevent air and contaminants from contaminating the system and components inside the system to improve product efficiency and performance. 1 the performance and seal of hydraulic rubber seal.

Application of numerical control technology in rubber insert molding cavity insert processing

The use of rubber soft plugs in high and low temperature test cases

Abstract: the use of rubber soft plugs in high and low temperature test cases, the high and low temperature test cases are divided into charged and uncharged tests. The charged test sample needs to open a test lead hole on the right side of the test box, for the test cable to pass through the lead hole, and plug the lead hole from the outside with the rubber soft plug. If it is not blocked, the outside is not blocked. The air will penetrate into the test area, which will affect the uuuuuuuuuuu

The development of scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of medicinal butyl rubber plug

And the investment in technology R & D is relatively small. Therefore, the long-term development of domestic butyl rubber stopper industry must rely on larger research investment. The latest research and development of butyl rubber plug industry at home and abroad mainly includes the following aspects: 1. ultra clean rubber, special materials and formulation and technology research. These studies are mainly to ensure that some special sensitive drugs are met, such as some chemical and biological products.

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