Rubber Seals Material Is Different

Rubber Seals Material is different

Seal ring Seal ring O-ringsllow self-energizingO-rings Self-tightening metal hollow O-ring metallochollow self-energizingO-rings Self-tightening metal hollow O-ring metallochollowO-ringsofnonself-energizing Non-self- Hollow O-ring O-ring, generally used nitrile rubber, natural rubber, chloroprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber and blends manufacturing. In addition to O-type, there are triangular, rectangular, D-type, T-type, square, heart-shaped, X-type, pentagonal, olive and so on.

According to the different materials used in the sealing ring, the nature of the different classification 1. High temperature seals 2. High pressure seals 3. Corrosion-resistant seals 4. Wear-resistant seals

Seals are mainly used to prevent oil and water to prevent corrosion of gas, to prevent leakage: IDI-type seals, UN-type seals, UHS-type seals, OSI-type seals, UPH-type seals, YX-type seals, YA-type seals, QK seals, KY seals, O seals, rectangular seals, star seals, L-ring, DKB-type dust ring, DKI-type dust ring, DKBI-type dust ring, AF-type Dust ring, DH type dust ring, DHS type dust ring, Lei ring, drum ring, mountain ring seal. Fluorine rubber seal. Fluorine rubber seal. Silicone rubber seal. Silicone seal. High-temperature ring .o ring .o ring, covered with seals, covered with fluorine ring .y ring. V ring. Star ring. Kdas combination circle, nok.nak. Metal coated washers, PTFE Rubber seals. Seals. Rubber seals, plastic seals. The Anti-aging, long life, easy maintenance. Special black rubber particles long, easy to maintain and so on. The pavement of various types of plastic stadiums are generally tested by the standard. Specifications are 1 to 2 mm and 2 to 4 mm, etc., the use of non-polluting waste rubber raw materials, with the manufacture of rubber particles for processing equipment. Multi-faceted irregular rubber particles mixed with appropriate, specifications grading standards, fiber, dust and other impurities within the control of 1%, and all kinds of pavement plastic plywood, curing agent and other raw materials blended bond firmness. With the special rubber particles made of products, moderate elasticity, the actual situation is moderate, beautiful appearance, in line with national standards, with moderate elasticity, non-slip, good water permeability, wear, flame retardant, non-toxic non-radiation, anti-aging, life.