Rubber Seals Good Elasticity

Rubber Seals Good elasticity

Rubber seal products can be seen everywhere, the following, I illustrate the importance of rubber sealing products.

As the saying goes: "Sparrow is small, fully equipped," you can never look down on these small objects, take the car seal for it, it is one of the important parts of the car, because it has good flexibility and was Widely installed in the door, body and other parts. With the addition of the seal, even in the cold winter, the cold will not be easily immersed in the car, which not only benefit from the sealing products have a high air tightness, more prominent it has a good dust effect. When we exercise on the freeway, the wind noise is greatly reduced. In addition, the water bottle is essential for our life, then, do you notice the rubber ring on the cap? Yes, it is one of the representatives of the rubber seal products, but also has a role can not be ignored, with the rubber ring fit, how to place the bottle do not have to worry about the problem of leakage. There are a lot of examples like this, I will not enumerate, in short, the importance of rubber sealing products, we can not be estimated. Rubber products can be seen everywhere in our lives, there are steel products, power plants, oil field rubber products, etc., then, these common items which characteristics? Here, let's take a look.

First of all, rubber products on the production conditions have strict requirements, because the rubber itself has great flexibility, it can change due to climate or indoor temperature and humidity to change the quality of finished products, so in the production process, it has a moderate temperature Range, otherwise, the molded products will also exist in different ways. Second, the aging of rubber products, this problem is mainly reflected in the processing, storage and use of the process, it is susceptible to internal and external factors, resulting in changes in performance structure, such as softening, mildew and so on. Again, the rubber products molding, by the impact of their own elasticity, there will be a certain degree of contraction, so the size of rubber products need to be carefully calculated, otherwise, this instability is likely to result in poor product quality. Above is the characteristics of rubber products, I believe we have a certain understanding.

From the emergence of rubber products so far, after decades of rapid development, has slowly in people's daily lives occupy an unshakable position.

       Now, the rubber industry is not only an important basic industry to promote national development, but also to provide people with daily life indispensable daily, medical and other light rubber products, and to mining, transportation, construction, machinery, electronics and other heavy industry and The emerging industry offers a variety of rubber production equipment or rubber parts. Especially after the development of refined rubber products, especially in the medical aspects of the important development of the emergence of rubber human organs, but also for people to bring a huge gospel.