Rubber Seal Specifications And Its Precautions.

Rubber seals as their name implies are rubber seals. This kind of sealing strip is widely used in automobiles, machinery, doors and windows and so on. I believe everyone knows its role in dust, sound insulation and sealing.

Then such a small seal can play such a big role, so what are its types?

Rubber sealing strips are mainly made up of car seals, door and window seals, and mechanical seals.

First of all, automotive weather strips can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the body, doors, windows, seats, and even the most core components of the engine. For example, the door seal is divided into a large D size of 14 * 12 (mm), a small D size of 9 * 7 (mm), and a P type size of 28 * 11 (mm).

Secondly, the materials of door and window seals on the market are generally divided into three materials: plastic steel, aluminum alloy, and log. The specifications of the seals they use are generally 26 * 17 (mm).

The thickest, mechanical seals are generally used in containers, refrigerators, cold storage doors, and cabinets. Its general specifications are generally 82 * 23 (mm).

These seals like the above can be customized. You can contact the manufacturer to customize the size and specifications of your products according to your needs. The application of the sealing strip is so extensive, let us introduce its precautions.

First, if the sealing strip is installed in a greasy location and the sun is very strong, clean it often and touch the sealing strip. If you feel that the sealing strip is not elastic, pay attention to replacing it, which indicates that it is aging.

Second, pay attention to cleaning when installing the sealing strip. After installation, the sealing strip generally has a shrinkage of 2-3 cm, because it is elastic, so once a heavy object presses on it, there will be a certain amount of shrinkage.

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