Rubber Products Should Avoid Exposure

Long-term suspension of vehicles, because of the atmospheric erosion of the assembly and the technical conditions of the organization gradually deterioration, so that the loss of the original technical performance. In order to mitigate this adverse effect, vehicle owners should often carry out the necessary maintenance work on the parked vehicles so that they are in good condition.

1. Prevent the aging and deterioration of rubber products

Rubber products on automobiles, such as tires, belts and dust shields, are often aging, swelling or form, resulting in deterioration of performance and shorter service life.

Like gum products aging, mainly because the rubber is unsaturated polymer hydrocarbons, easy to absorb oxygen in the air and oxidation, while vulcanized rubber also has a certain degree of permeability, oxygen easily into the internal oxidation effect. Especially direct sunlight, can cause the rubber to rapidly aging. Rubber products by gasoline, oil contamination, will lead to volume expansion, gum change loose, elastic decline.

To prevent the aging of rubber products, should avoid direct sunlight and mineral oil contact.

2, prevent metal rust

Rust is mainly caused by the interaction of water, oxygen and corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, for long-term suspension of the car, should keep the metal surface clean. The parking garage should always be ventilated to keep the air relative humidity below 70%. Dust, dirt and moisture in the car should be cleared in time. The rust-prone parts and mechanical surfaces should be coated with oil, grease or oiled paper. For each assembly mechanism of the pores, should be sealed to avoid air, moisture and dust into the interior.

3, to prevent the cotton and hemp products, such as mildew and carpets, are very easy to absorb moisture.

Especially in humid areas and rainy season, more susceptible to damp mildew. Therefore, owners should be on the car on the cotton hemp products are often inspected, timely drying, keep dry.

4, prevent the gasoline explosion-proof performance reduce

The explosion resistance of gasoline depends on the octane level of gasoline. When a car is suspended for a long time, the octane number of the gasoline decreases with the loss of the light component and the increase of the colloid content, thus reducing its She. Therefore, the petrol tank should be tightly closed and avoid overheating. It is best not to store petrol for too long.

5, often check the engine's working condition

Start engine at least once a month, idle run 4-5min, check engine operation. If there is abnormal phenomenon, need to adjust and repair in time.

In addition, often check the battery. The electrolyte liquid level of the storage battery must be higher than the plate 10-15mm, when insufficient, should add the distilled water, should keep the electricity sufficient, when necessary should charge the battery.