Rubber Pads The Characteristics Of The

  Rubber Pads Rubber pad style and diverse, mostly made of rubber, usually we have seen a transparent pad, EVA pads, EVA Ottomans, round mats, semi-circular transparent pad, rubber pad, silicone pad, rubber pad PU, PVC, EPDM transparent pad, hemispherical pad, hemispherical pad, glass mat, anti-collision pad, anti-skid pad, shock pads, anti-corrosion gasket, waterproof pad, sponge pad, foam pad, and so on.

Industrial rubber pad, also known as "industrial rubber sheet".

The rubber pad belongs to the gasket series.

  Rubber Pads Oil resistance is a very important feature of rubber material, rubber pad in many cases need to be used in a variety of oily media environment, oil resistance is a rubber pad is a very important parameter, but a variety of rubber material oil resistance Different, the following will be described in detail

Lubricant resistance: FZM FKM and fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ have the best resistance to fuel oil. The chloroprene rubber and chlorinated polyethylene rubber CPE fuel resistance of the worst.

The oil resistance of Dingqing rubber increased with the increase of acrylic clear content. Chlorohydrin rubber is better resistant to oil than nitrile rubber.

Rubber Pads Resistance to mixed fuel: fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ and fluorine rubber FKM resistance to mixed fuel oil the best resistance. Acrylic rubber resistant to resistance to mixed fuel is the worst.

The blending resistance of the rubber was improved with the increase of the acrylonitrile content.

Fluorine rubber with high fluorine content is better for mixed fuel.

Acid-resistant Oxidation Fuel:

For acidic oxidized fuels, the hydrogen peroxide in the acid oxide fuel can vulcanize the performance of vulcanized rubber, so the commonly used in the fuel system Dingqing rubber, chloroprene rubber is difficult to meet the requirements of long-term use.

Only fluorine-containing elastomers such as fluorine rubber FKM, fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ, fluorinated phosphorus clear and hydrogenated Dingqing rubber performance is better.

Ordinary Dingqing rubber compound, can not work in 125 degrees of acidic gasoline for a long time. Only the use of cadmium oxide activated low sulfur - sulfur and white carbon black as the main raw material of Dingqing rubber, in order to better acid gasoline. Increased acrylonitrile content, can reduce the permeability of acidic gasoline