Rubber Pads Development

Rubber Pads Development

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The rubber industry is one of the important basic industries of the national economy. It is not only for people to provide daily life indispensable daily, medical and other light rubber products, but also to the mining, transportation, construction, machinery, electronics and other heavy industries and new industries to provide a variety of rubber production equipment or rubber parts. It can be seen, the rubber industry a wide range of products, backward industry is very broad.

In recent years, the rubber industry has been a lot of development, there have been sub-sectors steadily, the new rubber industry is the rapid development of sub-sectors, but at the same time, the rubber industry also exists environment, resources, disasters, innovation and other issues.

In 2004, the national natural rubber planting a total area of 696,200 hectares, opening area of 451,900 hectares, dry rubber production 573,300 tons. Of which agricultural cultivation of 411,000 hectares of rubber, private 285,200 hectares, respectively, the total area of the rubber 59.03% and 40.97%.

In 2005, Hainan suffered 50 years of rare drought and rare typhoon disaster, natural rubber production suffered heavy losses. In order to tap the development potential of domestic natural rubber cultivation and processing and increase self-sufficiency, the Chinese rubber industry has made unremitting efforts to conscientiously implement the national safety, energy saving, environmental protection and cleaner production policies and achieved significant results. In particular, the rubber auxiliaries industry to actively adjust the product structure, green environment-friendly additives increased significantly, the proportion of excellent varieties of antioxidants reached 80%, accelerators up to 50%, toxic, harmful, highly carcinogenic NOBS production has been effectively controlled; Waste rubber comprehensive utilization rate of 65% or more, recycled rubber and rubber powder after processing and expansion of the use of areas.

In 2006, the Third Council of China Rubber Industry Association discussed and adopted the "China Rubber Industry" Eleventh Five-Year "scientific development planning opinions" and the rubber industry "Eleventh Five-Year" implementation of brand-name strategic planning views. This is the first industry planning developed by the association. Planning shows that the rubber industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" period to take the road of independent innovation, the industry should be effectively transferred to the track of scientific development, so that China has become the world's rubber industry power.

China's rubber industry development prospects. By 2010, China's total consumption of natural rubber will reach 2.3 million tons, the rubber industry's product mix will have a greater change, new products, upgrading products, new materials, new technology applications, production technology has improved significantly.

The characteristics of the rubber industry determines that when a country's rubber industry matures, the industry's economic situation and the overall economic situation will maintain a strong correlation: the length of its development cycle and the length of the country's economic cycle, the same trend But because the rubber industry belongs to the basic industry, its cyclical changes are slightly ahead of the changes in the business cycle. In addition, the same as the rubber industry in the front of the national economic production chain, the cyclical fluctuations in the industry chain is less than the amplitude of the industry chain, but also less than the entire economic volatility. Therefore, from the perspective of industrial investment, mature rubber industry is relatively close to the income-based investment industry.