Rubber Hoses Tubular Rubber Products

Rubber Hoses Tubular rubber products

Hose is used to transport gas, liquid, mud-like material of a class of tubular rubber products. From the inner layer, outer layer and sandwich composition, sandwich material can be cotton, curtain wire, wire and other fill.

Rubber hose is made of chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber; acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant hose adopts ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber and so on. It is made of natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber. The inner layer of the hose is directly subjected to the wear and erosion of the conveying medium and prevents it from leaking. The outer layer protects the interlayer from external damage and erosion. The interlayer is the pressure layer of the hose and is a very important link. Part of the pressure and weight. The working pressure of the hose depends on the material and structure of the interlayer. Therefore, the quality of the hose is very different from that of the interlayer.

Hose production of the basic processes for the processing of rubber, cord (curtain line) and canvas processing, hose molding, curing and so on. Different structure and different laminated hose, the sandwich processing methods and hose forming equipment vary.

Full glue tube because there is no sandwich, just use the press out of the hose can be; cloth hose need to use the tape wrapped in the inner layer of the molding machine; wire sandwich hose in the shape of the first spiral after the metal spiral The knitting and winding of the hose need to use a special fabric weaving machine or winding machine; knitting hose need to use knitting machine and so on.

 The importance of hose applications, with the rapid development of society, the development of transport also marks the level of development of a city, as small as a document of circulation, hit the tonnage level of objects, can transport, but also very fast, Like Taobao express fast when the morning to achieve the next single, served in the afternoon.

     Like this hose industry transport there are many restrictions, not the hose is long, that is, hose diameter is too large, or else the logistics route is not very smooth, need to transit, so there is a force to the logistics company is also very important , This is not a period of time out of a file thing.

      There is a customer in Inner Mongolia need large diameter hose, consult several hose factory, because the tax is not 包邮 given large diameter hose offer is his more heart, and ultimately the customer decided to cooperate with the Inner Mongolia.

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