Rubber Hoses Mixing Processing

Rubber Hoses Mixing processing

In the increasingly fierce competition in the mall, my company with its own strong scientific and technological development strength, ahead of the operating philosophy and leading skills equipment, to provide customers with high-quality products and services, the following to tell you about the rubber hose high-pressure hose Joint and device precautions.

(1) rubber hose in the movement or suspension, can not be excessive bending, can not bend at the root, at least 1.5 times the diameter of its initial bending;

(2) rubber hose to move to the extreme position can not pull too tight, should be lazy;

(3) try to avoid changes in the deformation of the hose;

(4) rubber hose as far as possible away from the heat radiation components, the necessary fashion insulation board;

(5) should avoid the external hazards of the hose, such as the use of the same component on the surface of the long-term conflict;

(6) If the rubber hose due to self-ignition caused by excessive deformation, there should be support pieces.

Hose production of the basic processes for the processing of rubber, cord and canvas processing, hose molding, curing and so on. Different structure and different skeleton of the hose, the skeleton of the processing methods and hose forming equipment vary.

All plastic hose for the absence of skeleton layer, just use the press out of the hose can be; cloth hose need to use the tape wrapped in the inner layer of the molding machine; suction hose in the shape of the first need to wear metal spiral After the package of plastic; knitting and winding hose need to use a dedicated fabric knitting machine or winding machine; knitting hose need to use knitting machines and so on.

Hose forming method mainly to whether the use of die, divided into coreless method, and a core method (including soft core method and hard core method).

Coreless molding

The hose is not formed by the core, and the equipment is an extrusion machine (commonly used screw extruder), and the skeleton layer and the outer layer are directly molded on the extruded inner hose.

The compound is agitated, mixed, plasticized and pressed in the barrel by means of the extrusion screw, and then moved to the direction of the nose, and finally the product of the shape of the extruder is extruded from the mouth, And cold feed two, the former feed through the open mixing machine preheating of the material, which feed not through the hot rubber compound.

Core forming

In order to ensure that the hose in the vulcanization process in the pressure state, the hose after forming the package of water cloth (about 10cm wide diaper wet cloth roll), rope or lead-free lead, in order to ensure that the hose in the vulcanization process in the pressure state , And then vulcanized.

The vulcanization can be carried out by direct steam heating or continuous vulcanization of the vulcanization tank. Short fiber hose is the short fiber directly into the compound, and then out of molding, the production process is simple, it will gradually replace the knitting hose and cloth hose. Modern hose production processes tend to be highly continuous and automated. The use of thermoplastic rubber or plastic can save the vulcanization process, greatly simplifying the production process.