Rubber Hoses Flange Type High Pressure Hose Connector

Rubber Hoses Flange type high pressure hose connector

Flange type high pressure hose connector

Many types of flange type high pressure hose are: high pressure braided hose, high pressure winding hose, high pressure hose assembly, mine high pressure hose, high pressure tubing and other varieties, he in the coal mine, mining, chemical, machinery, automobile and other industries are used Very wide. The extensive use of high-pressure hose also makes his accessories have been widely used.

Speaking of the French-style high-pressure hose we will always be associated with the high-pressure hose connector, hose connector we have also talked about the detailed analysis, but still some people do not understand his use and look like today for everyone in detail Explain his basic concepts and pictures.

A variety of flange high pressure hose assembly joints are divided into: A type, B type, C type, D type, E type, F type, H type, flange type GB, and we can according to his curvature such as : 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees or even 90 degrees bend the joints, in addition to high pressure hose joints we can customize processing such as the British, American national standard connector. Talked about his classification Then we talk about his installation Note:

(1) the hose in the movement or rest, can not be excessive bending, can not bend at the root, at least in its diameter 1.5 times to start bending;

(2) the hose can not be pulled too tight when moving to extreme position, should be more relaxed;

(3) try to avoid the deformation of the hose;

(4) hose as far as possible away from the thermal radiation components, the necessary fashion insulation board;

(5) should avoid the external damage to the hose, such as the use of the same component on the surface of the long-term friction;

(6) If the hose caused by excessive deformation of self-weight, there should be support pieces.

High temperature hose - high pressure hose production process

1, with the mixer by mixing the inner layer of glue, the middle of plastic and rubber; extruded with extruder inner tubing, coated with a release agent on the soft or hard core (liquid nitrogen Freezing method can also not die)

2, calendering machine into the middle of the film, plus release agent and according to the requirements of the process cut into the required width

3, will be covered with inner tube tubing in the winding machine or knitting machine winding or knitting on the copper wire or copper wire rope, while in the winding machine or knitting machine will be laminated in the middle of the film in the two layers of copper or copper Wire rope, winding wire at the beginning and end of the banding (some of the early winding machine to be pre-copper-plated steel wire pre-stress treatment)

4, once again in the extruder coated with the outer plastic, and then wrapped in lead or cloth vulcanized protective layer

5, through the curing tank or salt bath vulcanization

6, and finally remove the vulcanized protective layer, out of the die, withholding on the pipe joints, sampling pressure test.

In short, the manufacture of high-pressure tubing use more equipment, more types of raw materials, the production process is complex. But in recent years to plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material of the hydraulic tubing production process may be appropriate to simplify, but the high raw material prices, rubber raw materials are still the main.