Rubber Hoses Capacity Release

Rubber Hoses Capacity release

Rubber hose Published: August, ethylene propylene rubber industry operating rate of only 25%, compared with July fell by nearly half. But the ethylene propylene rubber market prices did not rise, but start unfavorable, Yindie 300-500 yuan (t price, the same below). Throughout this year, the market, it is easy to see, ethylene propylene rubber has faded past the star of the aura, the market increasingly fierce competition, low prices run, manufacturers profit narrowed, or will become the new normal.

Rubber hose is a domestic production capacity release, from a dominance to flourishing. As the localization rate is not high rubber varieties, after Jilin Petrochemical is the only ethylene propylene rubber production base. In the high profits of the temptation, domestic and foreign enterprises have joined the ranks of building ethylene propylene rubber. Nearly two years, Petrochemical Mitsui device, Ningbo SK device and Alang new equipment have put into operation, the domestic ethylene propylene rubber self-sufficiency rate has been improved. Up to now, China's ethylene propylene rubber production capacity reached 370,000 tons, self-sufficiency rate from 2015 to 38.57% to 56.4%, significantly reduced dependence on imports. Ethylene propylene rubber production capacity continues to expand, the domestic market consumption rate has become slow, resulting in redundant production nowhere to release, market competition, prices continue to run low, manufacturers profit margins narrowed.

  Rubber hose @ Second, the influx of foreign products to seize the market, the wolf more meat and less difficult to change the situation. Global ethylene propylene rubber production capacity continues to increase. LANXESS Polymers is the world's largest manufacturer of ethylene propylene rubber, producing about 22.34% of the world's total production capacity, followed by Exxon Mobil Corporation, with an annual capacity of about 375,000 tons. Nearly 2 years, these enterprises to increase in the global layout, the control of ethylene propylene rubber market, the right to speak. China is the battle of many foreign manufacturers. They rely on technology and price advantage menacing, in 2016, exports to China's total product reached 19.46 million tons; the first half of this year, reaching 105,000 tons. In addition, Italy Aini construction in South Korea's 96,000 tons / year ethylene-propylene rubber plant put into operation, 50% of its products will be exported to China, plans to land the Chinese market by the end of this year. By then, the market battle will be more cruel.