Rubber Gaskets The Use Of Red Rubber Pad

Rubber Gaskets The use of red rubber pad

The use of red rubber pad

First, the insulation series:

Black and white PVC, PC, PS, PP, insulation PET and other products, mainly for electronic products insulation.

Second, stickers series:

US 3M glue, T4000 plastic, G9000, G9900, G9100, on the East 5000, Desha, Sony, Hitachi, water, Temple Gang and other sticky paste, mainly for the special requirements of the electronic products.

 Third, the earthquake series:

Mattress, rubber foam, back to the pads, EVA pads, silicone pads, non-slip pads, shock pad, sponge pad, PORON back pad, PORON products, audio speakers pads, EPE Zhenzhu Mian, Foam section, waterproof foam, sealed foam, EVA, kitchen muffler pad, and so on.

 Sponge Series:

Environmental protection sponge, high density sponge, fire sponge, PE sponge, PU sponge, filter cotton, camera cotton, antistatic sponge, crest cotton, sound-absorbing cotton, Ophello, etc. Features: insulation, heat insulation , Shock absorption, flame retardant, anti-static, dust, breathable performance.

Five, jacket series:

EVA foam products, bottle pad, sponge frame, EPE Zhenzhu Mian, mainly used for toys, stationery, jewelry, high-grade hardware and fine packaging.

 Six, dust series:

Activated carbon filter cotton, activated carbon fiber cotton, non-woven, non-woven dust network, dust-proof flannel, etc., mainly used for electronic products in the speaker dust effect. Seven, EVA series:

EVA rubber and plastic products is a new environmentally friendly plastic foam material, with a good buffer, earthquake, heat, moisture, chemical corrosion, etc., and non-toxic, non-absorbent. EVA rubber and plastic products can be designed and processed, the shock performance is better than polystyrene (foam) and other traditional foam materials, and meet environmental requirements, is the best choice for export products.

 Eight, sporting goods with high elastic rubber foam material:

9 degrees -30 degrees, non-toxic, tasteless, sunscreen, anti-aging, buoyancy and so on. Nine, other series:

Velvet, velvet, kraft paper, paper, Velcro, wool felt, PE anti-static protective film, a silicone fabric, soft silicone film, astringent paper, CR, composite stickers, glasses stickers, mica films, Pull, copper foil products. The products are widely used in all aspects of the EU ROSH environmental certification, the products are widely used in a variety of batteries, mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, camcorders, cars, LCD monitors, DVD, CD-R, PDA, SCANNER (scanner), photocopiers, Audio, lighting, toys, sporting goods and other products. Highly resilient polymer material with reversible deformation is elastic at room temperature and can produce large deformation under very small external force. After removing the external force, it can restitution.

Features: non-toxic, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, flame retardant, good elasticity, the nature of corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressure, anti-aging long service life.

Uses: cables, cars, electrical appliances, bearings, pumps, water pipes, chemical pipes, valves, mouse, keyboard and so on products are inseparable from the red foot pad.