Rubber Gaskets The Role Of Life

Rubber Gaskets The role of life

Briefly on the role of rubber washers in our lives

Speaking of the strengthening of the tire wall, we can also solve the simple test to meet the strength of a tire. As long as the hand pressing the tire sidewall, so for the soft and thin that most of the same strength, this tire is probably better stability, but used to run bad road or climb the road teeth, it is probably not long. Only those who use the force is not too much deformation of the tire wall, is dedicated to deal with China's road conditions. In theory, such a sidewall can not only suffer a greater impact on the road, even if it is a puncture, because of its strong and strong fetal wall, puncture can also retain the department to support the ability to help the driver control the vehicle and not As for the runaway or rollover.

1, high-speed tires

In fact, the tire has been determined in the planning of its strength, and some tires can not play the long-term high-speed driving, some tires can play Bugatti Veyron higher than 400 km speed ravaged! This is the tire speed level. The speed level of the tire will have a clear performance on the sidewall, H represents the speed of the tire is 210 km / h, V is 240 km / h, W is 270 km / h, and y is 300 km / h. Although many owners will say that in fact, usually on the road can be higher than 120 km / h opportunities have been very little, there is a need to waste money to buy so high-speed level of the tire? Although there is, because the speed level can On behalf of a tire strength, imagine, can withstand 400 km per hour under the amazing centrifugal tire tires with how high the intensity of the tire layout! Although usually we have no chance to open such a high-speed, but rich and quiet redundancy , Let us even in the face of long-distance driving, road changes and even tire pressure is not normal, can enjoy more quiet driving environment.

2, high wear grade tires

Although the tire quality, personal private driving customs, tire inflation pressure, tire positioning, tire transposition frequency and other factors change, we can not accurately infer a tire life, but the original tire wear level is still able to provide Probably let us have a certain understanding of the durability of the tire. For example, we can at least know that in the same driving skills and road conditions, the wear level of 400 tire life is probably the wear level of 200 tires twice.