Rubber Gaskets A Wide Range Of Products

Rubber Gaskets A wide range of products

The rubber industry is one of the important basic industries of the national economy. It is not only for people to provide daily life indispensable daily, medical and other light rubber products, but also to the mining, transportation, construction, machinery, electronics and other heavy industries and new industries to provide a variety of rubber production equipment or rubber parts. It can be seen, the rubber industry a wide range of products, backward industry is very broad.

In recent years, the rubber industry has been a lot of development, there have been sub-sectors steadily, the new rubber industry is the rapid development of sub-sectors.

Any type of gasket, in the harsh environment, to ensure a long time effective sealing, must have the following eight important features:

Of the gasket for the sealing system of the media, the gasket in the recommended temperature and pressure work for a certain period of time does not occur leakage.

The compressible gasket of the gasket and the contact surface of the flange should be well fitted after the bolts are fastened to ensure sealing.

The creep resistance of the gasket under the influence of the pressure load and the use of temperature, the creep resistance should be better, or back to the loss of bolt torque, resulting in the gasket surface stress decreases, so hard gas system leak.

Of the gasket against the chemical corrosion of the selected gasket should not be corrosive by chemical media, and can not pollute the media.

The stability of the gasket even in the stable state of the system, the two connected flange due to the impact of temperature and pressure will certainly be a small displacement, the elasticity of the gasket should be able to make up for this displacement to ensure the system seal.

The gasket anti-adhesive gasket should be easily removed from the flange after use, non-adhesive gasket non-corrosive gasket to deal with the flange surface is not corrosive.

What are the structures of rubber products?

(1) linear structure: the general structure of the unvulcanized rubber due to the large molecular weight, no external force, was a small group.When the external force, the removal of external forces, fine group of entanglement changes, the molecular chain rebound, Resulting in a strong tendency to restore, which is the origin of high elastic rubber.

(2) cross-linked structure: linear molecules through some atoms or atomic groups of the bridge and connected to each other to form a three-dimensional network structure.With the progress of the vulcanization process, this structure continues to strengthen, so that the segment's free mobility Decreased, plasticity and elongation decreased, strength, elasticity and hardness rise, compression set and swelling degree of decline.

(3) branch structure: Introduction, rubber macromolecular chain of the chain of aggregation, the formation of gel. Gel on the rubber properties and processing are unfavorable in the refining, the various agents often improve the gel area, The formation of local blank, can not form reinforcement and cross-linking, as the weak parts of the product.