Rubber Couplings Use A Flat Key Or A Self Key To Connect

Rubber Couplings Use a flat key or a self key to connect

At present, in the industrial production assembly line test bench with the coupling, the gasoline engine crankshaft output and the coupling with the joints are generally used to connect the key or self-generated keys, such as the standard level key, each time the coupling It is very convenient, in the docking key is easy to fall out from the slot, the key is also difficult to align with the keyway of the coupling, the workers have to pay attention to the direction of the operation, the operation is not convenient. And the use of self-bonding of the coupling, although the assembly of workers assembled easily, but in the course of work, once the key to be damaged, the entire coupling will be scrapped.

The purpose of the new coupling is to provide a coupling that is easy to assemble and is highly reliable.

 The axial key groove is arranged on the circumference of one end of the coupling, and the axial keyway is arranged in the other end shaft of the coupling, and the axial key groove is arranged in the other end shaft hole, There is a dovetail key which has a radial opening in the hole wall opposite to the dovetail groove, the hole of which is provided with an annular groove, an elastic ring having an opening is fitted into the annular groove, Corresponding to the radial port on the shaft hole, a stop block is fixed by screw in the radial port on the hole wall. The new coupling is easy to assemble and is highly reliable. The aim of the coupling scheme is to provide an elastic coupling for axially connecting the two shaft portions in the shaft structure which satisfies the higher torque transmission demand in the same size and which can be extended at the same time Life and simplification of the production process.

This resilient coupling for a shaft structure for articulating two shaft portions, the resilient coupling comprising: a plurality of sleeves, the plurality of sleeves being movable relative to the center line of the coupling A plurality of annular assemblies, each of which surrounds two adjacent sleeves, and each sleeve is surrounded by at least two annular assemblies; a support means which is supported by a plurality of annular members, Arranged on at least one sleeve for axially guiding the plurality of annular assemblies; and an elastomeric rubber shroud, a ring assembly, a support means, and a sleeve are at least partially embedded in the resilient rubber shroud. According to the coupling arrangement, the support means comprises two axially outer shoulder elements, two axially outer shoulder elements can be mounted to one of the sleeves, and at least two of said annular assemblies Opposing said two axially outer shoulder elements, wherein at least one axially inner intermediate disk is disposed on one of the sleeves between the annular assemblies and at least one axially inner intermediate plate is opposed to each other Are arranged at an angle to the center line of the sleeve. Couplings are mainly used for the connection between the two shafts, used to transmit torque, is a movement to another body of the connection transmission, the previous coupling coupling there are many, in the machinery industry in large quantities , But there are poor process, noise, short life and other defects. The new type of floating coupling Wei moving the use of nylon material, floating in the connection hole, the work section, the force surface with the movement and constantly changing, so the noise is small, vibration, transmission torque, long life.

This kind of floating coupling consists of nylon rod, nylon bar baffle, active half wheel, bolt, key, brake wheel, screw, passive half wheel, shaft block, motor shaft key, motor composition, active half wheel through its two The left side baffle is fixed on the active half wheel by the shaft stopper, the right side baffle is fixed by the screw, the active half wheel is connected with the motor shaft through the motor key drive; the driving half wheel Is placed in said passive half wheel, and the brake wheel is fixed by bolts on the passive half wheel. The coupling structure is reasonable, easy to install, safe and reliable, can be buffered, vibration absorption, and easy installation, to ensure the normal use of the coupling, greatly improving the service life of the equipment.