Rubber Couplings Transmit Torque

Rubber Couplings Transmit torque

Couplings are mechanical parts that are used to couple two shafts (drive shafts and driven shafts) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque. In the high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the role of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft. The coupling consists of two halves, which are connected to the drive shaft and the slave shaft, respectively. General power machine mostly by means of coupling and working machine connected, today we are talking about the diaphragm coupling selection steps and methods.

First, the choice of standard diaphragm coupling. Designers should first select the coupling in the national standards, machinery industry standards and national patent coupling in the choice, only in the existing standard coupling and patent coupling can not meet the design needs Need to design their own coupling.

2. Adjust the model according to the shaft diameter. The initial selection of the coupling size of the diaphragm coupling, that is, the diameter of the shaft hole d and the length of the shaft hole L, should meet the requirements of the main and trailing end shaft diameter, otherwise the size of the coupling is adjusted according to the shaft diameter d. Main and driven end shaft diameter is not the same as normal phenomenon, when the torque, the same speed, the main and driven end shaft diameter is not the same, should be selected according to large shaft diameter coupling model. The new design of the transmission system, should be selected in line with GB / T3852 in the provisions of the seven shaft hole type, recommended the use of J1-axis shaft type to improve versatility and interchangeability, shaft length according to the provisions of the coupling product standards The

3. Select the connection type. Coupling connection type depends on the choice of the main and slave type of the axis of the connection type, the general use of key connections for the unified key connection type and code, in GB / T3852 provides seven key slot type, four keyless connection , With more of the A-type key.

4. Selection of coupling varieties, type, specifications. According to the combination of power machine and coupling load type, speed, working environment and other factors, selected coupling varieties; according to the coupling of the matching, coupling and other factors selected coupling type; according to nominal torque, shaft hole diameter With shaft hole length selected specification. In order to ensure the strength of the shaft and the key, after selecting the coupling model, check the shaft and key strength check to finalize the coupling model.

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