Rubber Couplings Power Machine Master And Slave Shaft System

Rubber Couplings Power machine master and slave shaft system

Rubber coupling for the mechanical coupling between the master and slave shaft. The elastic drum-shaped coupling 1 is connected to the main and rear hub bodies 4 and 5 of the coupling, and the spiral annular elastic body of the elastic element which is fixed by the metal splints by the multi-strand steel strand is formed The main displacement of the main and the hub between the hub and the hub in the axial, radial and axial direction through the ring free deformation space to form the elastic displacement compensation characteristics. It is suitable for shaft connection of various power units driven by marine main engine, auxiliary engine, internal combustion engine, diesel engine, electric coupling and hydraulic motor.

Recently to the ship for torsional vibration test, GICLZ-type intermediate shaft drum-shaped gear coupling, from the test results to see the coupling of the torsional vibration characteristics relative to the allowable value is small, but the coupling is continuous damage, in the exclusion Their own quality problems and torsional vibration, the general What are the factors that can lead to damage to the coupling?

1, the principle: high elastic elastic pin pin coupling of the main elastic pin coupling drum-shaped gear coupling is to reverse the bearing rubber components, rubber components can be designed into single row or multi-row, the rubber components and A variety of standard stiffness to choose from, can greatly meet the torsional vibration calculation to determine the stiffness requirements. The main purpose of using high elasticity pin couplings in ship power systems is to transmit power and torque, compensate for radial, axial and angular misalignment, and compensate for the oscillations of rotational momentum. Adjust the system's natural frequency. High elastic elastic pin coupling has the characteristics of light weight, easy installation, large displacement compensation, large damping capacity, strong vibration absorbing ability and frequency modulation ability, and can better protect the main coupling, gear box and shaft.

2, the reasons for analysis:

1) the main coupling elastic pillar coupling shock absorber sinking, resulting in shaft alignment, and produce additional torque! This may be great for new ships.

2) high elastic elastic pin pin coupling rubber drum type gear coupling heat fracture accident;

3) Matching problem: Only the various equipment in the shaft system, such as diesel engine, rubber coupling, gear box, other parts of the shaft, propeller, etc. are well designed and complement each other and support each other to improve the design flexibility to write off the coupling The choice of horizontal coupling, so that the design of the ship is the true sense of the high quality of the ship.

4) drum-type gear coupling; the reason is complex, but also specific circumstances specific analysis.