Precautions For Use Of Rubber Hose

(1) Pressure

1. Always use the hose within the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2. The hose expands and contracts with its internal pressure. Please cut the hose to a length slightly longer than you need.

3. When applying pressure, open / close any valve slowly to avoid impact pressure.

(2) Fluid

1. The hose used shall be suitable for the fluid delivered.

2. Please consult us before using the hose in oil, powder, toxic chemicals and strong acids or bases.

(3) Bending

1. Please use the hose above the minimum bending radius, otherwise it will break the hose and reduce the pressure resistance.

2. When using powders and particles, wear may occur according to the conditions. Please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.

3. In the vicinity of metal parts (joints), do not use in the state of extreme bending, and try to avoid extreme bending near metal parts, which can be avoided by using elbows and other ways.

4. Do not move the installed hose at will, especially avoid the stress or bending transition of the hose joint during the moving process;

(4) Others

1. Do not touch or close to the open fire directly.

2. Please do not step on the hose with the vehicle under equal pressure.