Physical And Chemical Properties Of Silica Gel Ring

Silica gel ring is based on the silicon obtained from Quartz, and by the silicon atom adhesion such as methyl, vinyl and other side chain formed by the saturated non-polar rubber. Different side chains can cause silicone rubber to have different properties. Methyl vinyl Silicone Rubber (VMQ) is one of the most widely used silicone rubber materials. Silicone ring has excellent heat resistance, low temperature elasticity and special excellent oxidation resistance and ozone performance, with high permeability and gas through the selectivity. Good electrical insulating properties (volume resistance greater than 10 cm, breakdown voltage above 30kv/mm), Corona Resistance and arc resistance. But the addition of conductive carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, silver, but also the appropriate conductivity (volume resistance to 5-0.02 cm). Silica gel ring surface can be low, hygroscopicity, can play a role in isolation. Water-resistant, but not good at steam, pressure over 50psi is not recommended. Compatible with most oils, chemicals and solvents. General silicone rubber is good acid and alkali resistance, polar solvents are acceptable, not resistant to alkane hydrogen and aromatic oils. It is not recommended to be used in most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and diluted Han solutions. Special silicone rubber also has radiation resistance, flame resistance, oil and other properties. It has low tensile strength, weak abrasion resistance and is generally not used for dynamic seals.

Heat resistance: Silicone rubber than ordinary rubber has much better heat resistance, can be used almost forever under the 150° without performance changes, can be used in 200° for 10,000 hours, under the 350° can also be used for some time. Widely used in the requirements of heat-resistant occasions, Thermos bottle seal, pressure cooker ring heat-resistant handle.

Cold resistance: ordinary rubber late for -20°-30°, that is, silicone rubber in -60°-70° still have a good elasticity, some special formulations of silicone rubber can withstand very low temperature, such as: Low-temperature sealing ring.

1 after the formulation of the formula tensile strength of up to 1500PSI and tear resistance up to 88LBS

2 good elasticity and good compression skew

3 has good resistance to neutral solvents

4 Excellent thermal resistance

5 Excellent cold resistance

6 excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion

7 Excellent electrical insulating properties

8 Heat insulation, good heat dissipation