Oil Resistance Of Rubber Mat

Oil is a very important rubber material characteristics, rubber mat in many cases need to be used in a variety of oily media environment, oil resistance is a rubber pad is a very important parameter, but a variety of rubber materials oil resistance ability is also different, the following will be described in detail

Fuel resistance: fluoro rubber fkm and fluorine silicone FMVQ the best resistance to fuel oil. Neoprene and chlorinated polyethylene rubber CPE have the worst resistance to fuel.

The fuel resistance of NBR rubber increased with the increase of acrylonitrile content. The fuel resistance of chlorinated alcohol rubber is better than NBR rubber.

Resistance to mixed fuel: fluorine silicone rubber fmvq and fluoro rubber fkm the best resistance to mixed fuel oil. Acrylate Rubber has the worst resistance to mixed fuel.

The resistance to mixed fuel of NBR rubber increased with the increase of propylene content.

Fluorine rubber with high fluorine content has good stability to the mixed fuel.

Acid-resistant oxidation fuel resistance:

For acidic oxidation oil, the hydrogen peroxide in the acidic oxidation fuel can worsen the performance of the vulcanized rubber, so the NBR rubber, which is commonly used in the fuel system, is difficult to meet the requirement of long-term use.

Only fluorine-containing elastomers such as fluoro rubber fkm, fluorine silicone rubber fmvq, fluorine phosphorus and hydrogenated butyl fine rubber performance is good.

Ordinary NBR rubber compound, can not be in 125 degrees of acid gasoline for a long time to work. Only NBR rubber, which is activated by cadmium oxide-sulfur-sulfur and white carbon black as the main raw material, can withstand acid gasoline well. The permeability of acidic gasoline can be reduced by increasing the content of propylene fine