Natural Rubber Seal Industry Leader

Natural rubber seal has good abrasion resistance, elasticity, tensile strength and elongation. But it is easy to aging in the air, the heat variable viscosity, easy expansion in mineral oil or gasoline and dissolved, but not resistant to acid alkali. Suitable for use in bridge deformation joints, ventilation pipe and other liquid with hydroxyl ions in. General use temperature range of -20~100 degrees C. The material is mainly made up of PVC resin and other auxiliary materials.

Material characteristics:

(1) can produce hard sealing strip.

(2) low cost: the price is lower compared with other materials.

(3) good aging resistance: modified PVC normal conditions of service life of not less than 15 years.

(4) the oil resistance is good: modified PVC added powder butyl cyanide, has good oil resistance.

(5) the hardness of soft sealing strip varies greatly with the temperature: compared with other materials, the hardness of the sealing strip varies greatly with temperature. The utility model is suitable for the use of the petroleum hydraulic oil, the glycol hydraulic oil, two ester lubricating oil, gasoline, water, silicon grease, silicone oil, etc.. Is currently the most widely used, the lowest cost of rubber seals. Not applicable to polar solvents, such as ketones, nitro hydrocarbons, ozone, MEK and chloroform. General use temperature range of -40~120 degrees C. Such as O ring, oil seal, rubber bowl, diaphragm, valve, bellows, is also used to make blankets and wear parts.

1 before installing glass to remove the impurities in the slot, such as mortar, brick, wood chips, glass should be carefully placed on both sides, to ensure uniform clearance, and timely is fixed, to prevent the collision shift, deviating from the center of the notch.

2 rubber seal can not pull too tight, length than the length of the 2O-3Omm assembly. The installation should be set in place, the surface is flat, in close contact with the glass, the glass surrounding the notch, uniform stress. At the corner of the rubber strip should be inclined to open, and at the break of the glue firmly bonded.