Maintenance Of NSF Sealing Ring Mold

Maintenance of NSF seal rings should give full play to its good condition, ensure the quality of stamping parts to be qualified, avoid accidents, prolong its service life and ensure the normal production. It is of great significance.

Main failure modes of seal ring die

(1) wear (including abrasive wear, adhesive wear, fatigue wear and corrosive wear).

(2) fracture (including cracking, fragmentation, collapse, falling and spalling).

(3) plastic deformation

Cleaning of NSF sealing ring mold

In order to ensure the quality of stamping parts and extend the service life of molds, it is necessary to clean and clean moulds.

A. Daily cleaning and cleaning B. Regular cleaning and cleaning

Daily cleaning

(1) Cleaning of the dust on the surface of the mould: After wiping with a clean cloth, touch the surface of the mould with your hands, if you can't feel the dust, you can.

(2) Cleaning of guide sleeve and guide pillar of mould: wipe oil accumulating blocks in guide sleeve, guide pillar and guide block with rag, and then apply a small amount of oil to lubricate them.

(3) Cleaning of punching part: Use hammer to remove all the scrap in the hole, the scrap adhering to the sliding board and the scrap cut at the cutting edge.

(4) The drawing surface of the coated die must be cleaned, the surface must be confirmed by hand, the first material must be cleaned with a cloth, and a little oil must be applied to the die after production.

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