Introduction To The Principle Of Rubber Dampers

Introduction to the principle of rubber shock absorber

Rubber Dampers

Because of its unique rubber mechanical properties, which can lower the intrinsic damping adjustment modulus and high, large strain was not damaged in a certain deformation mode of carrying capacity under high load, in many areas of engineering technology was used to eliminate vibration and noise, which adopts the rubber damper to reduce equipment the transmission of vibration is a kind of method is used widely and most effective.

Rubber Dampers can be changed by different kinds of glue and the adjustment formula of stiffness and damping, shock absorber structure can also choose a form to get the necessary vibration in a certain deformation mode and frequency range of the transmission rate. The shock absorber is widely used in various industrial production and manufacture, especially the rubber shock absorber products, because of its various characteristics are widely used for vibration isolation of auxiliary equipment for various motor vehicles, aircraft, ships and the fan and water pump. In recent years, some large buildings and bridges have also used isolated seismic Rubber Dampers to support buildings.

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