Increasing Demand For Medical Rubber And Plastic Products Industry

Recently。 China's medical rubber and plastic products industry, whether in the process equipment, product quality, business management and other aspects have made considerable progress. and presents a gratifying development situation. Now, China's medical rubber and plastic products have formed a supply and supply system, the future of medical plastic products industry demand will achieve a stable growth situation.

Chemical Industry analyst pointed out: in the current China's medical rubber and plastic products industry, the overall view there are many problems. The main development direction is to improve the hydrophilic energy. Because silicone rubber hydrophobic, so that its products implanted in the body, there is still a slight sense of foreign bodies, it is necessary to focus on improving the hydrophilicity of silicone rubber. To solve this problem, the main surface modification, such as the hydrophilic material on the silicone rubber surface, or the radiation method to make silicone rubber surface grafting, plasma treatment and other methods can improve their hydrophilicity. If we cannot adapt to the rapid development of the market. How to catch up with the world's advanced level, become China's medical rubber and plastic products manufacturers and medical rubber and plastic materials research experts of top priority.

Medical Rubber products used and production situation, the fastest development of medical latex products. But the domestic latex gloves product variety also unceasingly increases. It is estimated that in the next few years, the export volume will show a recovery growth trend. In recent years, with the global climate anomaly, influenza epidemic, the demand for latex products in the global scope will continue to increase, the development of related industries also put forward new requirements for latex products. In the future, the demand for latex gloves will continue to rise in the international market.

Medical rubber and its products have been all over the medical field, and its dosage is continuously in the rapid growth trend. With the gradual improvement of the world economy and the rapid growth of our national economy, the demand for medical rubber and plastic products is increasing in domestic and overseas market, and the development and popularization of medical rubbers are becoming more and more active.