How To Recover The Deformation Of The Rubber Sealing Ring?

The deformation of the rubber seal ring is divided into two types: recoverable deformation and non-recoverable deformation. Recoverable deformation means slight deformation, such as slight twisting, twisting, and curling; non-recoverable deformation means severe deformation, such as creases, breaks, etc.

The slightly deformed rubber sealing ring can be used normally after its shape is restored, and the sealing function will not be lost, while the severely deformed rubber sealing ring will fail in its sealing function and cannot be used normally even after its shape is restored.

The rubber seal ring will be slightly deformed if stored for a long time. How to recover the deformation of the rubber seal ring?

1. Take out the deformed rubber sealing ring, boil a pot of water quickly with heat, and pour it into the container.

2. After pouring boiling water into the container, soak the rubber sealing ring in the boiling water.

3. After soaking for a few minutes, take out the rubber sealing ring and pull it with your hand.

4. After pulling, the elasticity can be restored, so that the rubber sealing ring will return to its original shape.