How Long Will It Take To Replace The Soft Joint Of Rubber?

How long will it take to replace the soft joint of rubber?

The rubber joint is in use period, and the timely replacement of the rubber joint will not only bring good effect, but also reduce unnecessary trouble. Often a bad one, instead of regular to replace the product, this will not only trouble, but also to the user caused great losses. As everyone knows, the rubber joint is a consumable, and rubber will slowly corrode and aging, so the rubber joint is best to be replaced in a certain period of time. Don't hold the idea that you haven't broken it yet, and use it for a while, which will cause more losses.

How long will it take to replace the soft joint of rubber? Rubber joint replacement life should be in 3-5 years, if it is used in the chemical pipeline or pH. Corrosive medium should be replaced in a shorter period of time, so as to avoid more losses.

Many kinds of rubber joint products, raw materials according to the different media, not a special medium, generally the synthetic rubber, rubber products are made of natural rubber and other synthetic rubber in proportion, a long time will be oxidation corrosion, rubber joint products contain volatile substances, whether it is in the damp in the still, in the process of drying will reduce its life. Therefore, after the general use of rubber products, plastic bags should be used, not long in the air, which is also an effective way to extend the service life of rubber joints!

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