Fluorine-containing Coating Protective Layer Of Silicone Rubber Products

Now in the automotive, electronics, aviation, science and technology, food and other fields we all have the shadow of silicone rubber products, and the performance requirements for silicone rubber products are increasingly strict, although the silicone rubber products are high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance , anti-aging, anti-friction and other characteristics, but the general silicon rubber products in the long-term high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion, high pollution environment, with the accumulation of time, silicone rubber products will also affect its own life time, in particular In the field of aeronautics and technology, the environment is even harsher, and there cannot be a single problem. Therefore, the requirements for silicone rubber products are even higher. Therefore, in fact, many silicon rubber products are now undergoing coating modification and can effectively improve silicon. Surface properties of rubber products.

   Fluorine-containing coating It is a coating of fluoropolymer or organic fluorine-modified polymer as the main film-forming substance, and has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, thermal stability, high chemical inertness, weather resistance, and other properties. The use of fluorine coatings to modify the surface of rubber products can effectively improve the surface properties of rubber products.

   The following describes the molecular structure of the fluorine-containing coating. The fluorine-containing coating is composed of carbon molecules of polyolefin molecules, so the fluorine-based coating has excellent weather resistance. The chemical resistance of fluorine-based coatings is also good, because fluorine atoms are much larger than hydrogen atoms and surround the C-C bond so that no atom or group can enter and destroy the C-C bond.

   Silicone rubber products are a kind of special substrate, which has high elasticity, good toughness, and easy to be deformed. Therefore, the compatibility of the coatings is very demanding. Generally, the relative elongation is taken as the technical index of the rubber coating, and the thermal expansion coefficient and the bottom are selected. With similar materials, low modulus and good flexibility, it will not cause paint film peeling, cracking, and wrinkling due to the influence of climate. The harsh conditions even require the paint to meet the rubber products often occur in the use of larger deformation. The fluorine-containing coating just meets these requirements and is compatible with silicone rubber products! Let silicone rubber products in the harsh environment also under the influence of the environment, to ensure the initial performance of silicone rubber products, is indeed a protective layer of silicone rubber products.