Discussion On How To Deal With The High Hardness And Low Shortage Of Silicone Products

Silica gel is a kind of rubber, silica gel on the water adsorption capacity of large, low regeneration temperature, cheap. Silicone good performance is often made into high-temperature-resistant silica gel strip, silicone board products. Many products on the market are the use of silicone rubber, for example, a lot of cartoon mobile phone shell, the beauty of the human breast filler, silica-made shade and so on, many products and silicone materials are inseparable.

Silicon Rubber Products Hardness is a threshold value of product performance, but also a lot of customized special silicone products customers are very concerned about the size of the hardness determines the use of silica gel products and the range of uses, whether to adapt to the use of the environment and other important indicators, whether the intended effect can be achieved.

In general, the hardness of silicone products is 30-80 degrees, in this range, is more common, but for less than 30 degrees within the processing of the company, because within 30 degrees has exceeded the scope of solid silica gel products are mostly silicone rubber, molding process is also mostly hydraulic molding machine, The lower the hardness is not only detrimental to the product of the pendulum, but also because of its semi-liquid internal structure in the High-temperature vulcanization process produces bubbles, semi-fluidity of the adsorption is greater, so that more easily absorb air empty charged dust, so we choose this kind of products silicone material requirements are very high, but also must use the best vulcanizing agent, It is solved by increasing the power of the vacuum machine and improving the die structure.

Too hard silicone materials molded effect is not easy to be cooked, the general production process is difficult to achieve the smooth processing of products, product formation, not full and so on, and in the production process more easily broken, increase the production of poor.

Silicone products in the case of high hardness and low shortage of material how to deal with:

1, low hardness of the formula, oil will generally be more, parking time is too long, the surface will inevitably seep, so to return to the refining. But the flow will increase after the refining, so to cool the parking.

2, low hardness of things, the quick words may lead to rubber feed back pressure and package bubbles, so to reduce the material into the mold cavity speed. If possible, the glue should be cold enough to reduce the fluidity.

3, the formula can add something similar to TT, can also add a small amount of rubber powder.