Classification Of Rubber Seal Ring

A Rubber Seal is a ring cover consisting of one or more parts. It is fixed to a ring or washer of the bearing and contact with another ring or washer to form a narrow labyrinth clearance so as to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and the invasion of the external objects.

One, according to the class

1.O seal ring has a variety of materials such as fluorine rubber, butadiene rubber, silica gel, ethylene propylene rubber, difluoro rubber and other materials. It is widely used in various kinds of machinery, resistant to various kinds of oil base oil and various chemical media: the use of non adhesive can meet the temperature of -60 C -+200 C (double fluorine rubber FFKM is up to more than 300 degrees by specially determined vulcanization). The pressure range is <10MPa (hydraulic), <1MPa (pneumatic) <16MPa (static seal) and Ding Qingjiao (90, 93, 97) expansion rate 0.

2.Y type sealing ring has many kinds of products, such as fluorine rubber, butyl rubber, chlorinated rubber and so on. It is widely used in hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and other industries. The oil resistant seed oil has excellent wear resistance, and the temperature range of -60 C -+200 C can be selected by using different rubber species.

 3.V type seal ring is an elastic rubber seal ring with axial action, which is used as a non pressure seal of the rotating shaft. The seal lip has good activity and adaptability, can compensate for larger tolerance and angle deviation, prevent the leakage of oil or oil from inside, and prevent the invasion of water or dust from outside.

4. hole uses the YX type seal ring simply to describe the product uses: is used for reciprocating movement hydraulic cylinder's piston seal. Scope of application: TPU: general hydraulic cylinder and general equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery and high temperature and high pressure cylinders. Material: polyurethane TPU, CPU, rubber product hardness: HS85 + 2 A working temperature: TPU:-40 to +80 C CPU:-40 to +120 C working pressure: less than 32Mpa working medium: hydraulic oil, emulsion 5.YX type hole with a simple description of the product use: this standard is suitable for cylinder working pressure larger than 16MPa when used with YX type sealing ring. Or when the cylinder is eccentric under force, it plays the role of protecting the seal ring. Working temperature: -40 ~ +100 C working medium: hydraulic oil, emulsion, and aquatic product hardness: HS92 + 5A material: polytetrafluoroethylene

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