China Has Become The World’s Largest Producer And Sales Volume Of Automotive And Synthetic Rubber

With the further development of China's auto industry, the demand for automotive rubber parts is getting higher and higher. Accelerating the research and application of new raw materials, updating equipment and improving production processes, increasing the development of new products and improving product performance will be the development direction of automotive rubber parts. Vehicles are becoming more and more frequent, and common rubber parts made of general-purpose rubber can no longer meet current requirements, but must be replaced with special rubber.

China has now become the world's largest producer and seller of automotive and synthetic rubber. From the domestic and international economic environment, upstream and downstream development situation and the industry's own development stage, China's automotive rubber products industry is in an important period of strategic opportunities, with a variety of favorable conditions for sustained and healthy development. The automotive rubber products industry must innovate, innovate, and innovate in order to achieve sustainable development. In the case of a large excess of synthetic rubber production capacity, improving the quality of synthetic rubber used in vehicles will be a breakthrough in the transformation and development of the domestic synthetic rubber industry.

The automotive industry puts forward new requirements

Industry insiders believe that China’s economy will maintain a relatively high growth rate for quite some time to come. With the improvement of infrastructure and urban transportation, the automobile industry as a pillar industry will also have a big development. The year will continue to grow at a rapid rate. The rapid development of the automobile industry puts forward new requirements for rubber products and materials for vehicles. In particular, the demand for special rubbers with excellent performance will bring a rare opportunity for the development of China's special rubber. At the same time, the development of China's special rubber industry will also promote the localization of auto parts.

In recent years, the changes in the automotive industry that are undergoing rapid changes are mainly reflected in the following three aspects: First, on the premise of ensuring vehicle safety, reliability, comfort, and luxury, the life of the automobile is further extended, and all accessories (including rubber) are pursued. The maintenance-free parts, which put higher requirements on the performance and quality of rubber products. Second, the vehicle's environmental pollution comes from exhaust emissions of toxic substances (such as: tetraethyl lead, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide) and fuel leakage (fuel hydrocarbons emitted into the atmosphere). In order to reduce the pollution to the atmosphere, the main measures taken so far are the use of unleaded gasoline and the installation of catalytic converters, but due to the need to add anti-knock agents and catalytic converters such as ethanol, aromatic hydrocarbons, and butyl ether in unleaded gasoline, the engine will be surrounded. As the temperature rises, the chemical resistance and heat resistance of the rubber products are also required to be higher. Third, with the miniaturization of the engine room, the ambient temperature around it will become higher and higher. It is required that the rubber products related to this must have a wider resistance to high and low temperatures.

Product Manufacturing Leading Materials

Industry insiders suggested that the development strategy for China's automotive rubber and rubber component materials will be based on the existing conditions and foundations, aiming at high-volume products imported in large quantities, enhancing the ability for independent innovation, and optimizing the production of existing new rubber species. Automotive rubber accessories product quality.

Experts in the industry pointed out that to better improve the quality of rubber products, it is necessary to break the traditional concept, transform the idea of processing products centered on raw materials into a broad selection of ideas led by product manufacturing, and realize rubber and plastics, resins, and fibers. The combination and blending of other polymer materials, and further research on the blending and compounding of various materials, together with the modification and innovation of raw materials, make great efforts on the high performance and functionality of raw materials.

At present, foreign automotive rubber parts production technology is being developed toward automation, semi-automation, and high-efficiency energy saving, while the overall production technology level of China's auto rubber parts production industry is low. In recent years, some domestic enterprises have introduced advanced production equipment from abroad, which has greatly promoted the production technology level of China's auto rubber parts. In the future, besides introducing the latest foreign production technologies, China's auto rubber parts production industry should mainly develop automated and semi-automated rubber refining equipment and processes, add special equipment for secondary processing, and improve thermal processing technologies such as high temperatures (180°C~200°C). °C, or even higher) Short time (1~2min) vulcanization process, surface treatment process (polyurethane film on oil seal lip and coating on various accessories, etc.) and molding process (precision preforming Machine development and application) and other efforts.

In addition, a standardized testing system for automotive rubber parts should be established to enable the development of automotive rubber parts in the direction of specialization, serialization, and standardization; it is also necessary to attach importance to the development and testing of automated and semi-automated testing instruments for the technical properties and product performance of automotive rubber parts. , such as rubber compound mixing, mold pressing and other process performance testing equipment, a variety of accessories specific performance testing equipment, from all aspects of the use of high technology to improve the production of automotive rubber parts technology level