Analysis Of Bubble Caused By Rubber Products

Causes of air bubbles in rubber products:


1, most of the reasons may be raw material problems, we have had similar situations before, change the other batch of material just fine; otherwise it is when the exhaust is not good (for reference)


2. Increase the number of thin passages during rubber mixing to avoid air residues


3, vulcanization molding machine is recommended to use vacuum forming machine, to avoid air injection injection molding In the injection molding, the bubble problem is very common!


The main reasons are:


1, the material itself, the raw material in the rubber, the air is wrapped in the material inside, resulting in the process of processing, the material and the air into the mold, if the mold is not provided with the exhaust slot or processing is not set exhaust process The air is easily trapped in the mold, causing the product to produce air bubbles or air holes.

2. When the material is stored in the machine, the screw will wind the machine into the machine when the material is coiled.

3, also the material problem, that is, the material contains more water.


4, processing, the injection of material too fast, the formation of turbulence, resulting in the creation of bubbles!

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