What glue do you use for silicone hose?

What glue do you use for silicone hose?

Generally use soft silica gel, commonly known as flexible sticky silica gel; commonly used in 2 categories: hot vulcanized glue, room temperature glue;

Heat vulcanized silica gel hose glue, suitable for 170 degrees of high temperature with silica gel nozzle machine bonding, KL301 in 5-10 seconds fast curing, adhesive glue is soft silicone colloid. Sealing ring suitable for food grade soft silicone rubber tube.

Room temperature glue, suitable for room temperature silica gel hose bonding each other, KN300 suitable for silica gel bonding metal and plastic material. It takes 24 hours to solidify completely depending on the moisture in the air. Generally, proper pressure is needed and the adhesive is more beautiful. Typical adhesion of medical silicone hose joints.

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