What are the advantages of molding for Molded Rubber Products?


(1) the loss of raw materials is small and does not cause excessive losses (usually 2%~5% of the quality of the product).

(2) the internal stress of the product is very low, and the warpage is very small, and the mechanical properties are relatively stable.

(3) the cavity wear is very small, and the maintenance cost of the mold is very low.

(4) the cost of molding equipment is lower, the die structure is simpler, and the manufacturing cost is usually lower than that of injection mold or transfer molding mold.

(5) it can form larger flat plate products. The size of molded products can only be determined by the clamping force of the existing press and the size of the template.

(6) the shrinkage of the products is small and the repeatability is good.

(7) a mold with a large number of cavities can be placed on a given template with high productivity.

(9) it can be used for automatic feeding and automatic taking out products.

(10) high production efficiency, easy to realize specialization and automation production.

(11) the product has high dimensional accuracy and good repeatability.

(12) the surface is bright and clean, without two modifications.

(13) the products can be formed at one time with complicated structure.

(14) mass production, the price is relatively low

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