What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products?

Its main production process is made of silica gel or rubber raw materials in the closed mold cavity by heating, pressure and molding as the product of silica gel processing. is usually the raw material through the mixer evenly mixed into a mixed rubber, the mold and then moved into the vulcanization molding machine. Then the closed mold pressure, so that it formed and curing or vulcanization, and then demoulding of silica gel products, this process is suitable for thermosetting materials processing. In the Dili Bo silicone can see molded silicone products, their advantages and disadvantages are prepared for your reference.

Advantages: A. Can be made into any shape

B. High precision, beautiful product shape rules

C. Brightly colored, and can be free to color

Disadvantages: A. The general machine can only do long width for 500*500mm, Dili Bo custom machine can do 650*650mm

B. The production process will produce a lot of burrs and waste

C. The tooling cost is relatively high and the development cycle is 7-25 workdays long.