Several properties of silicone rubber products

1,High and low temperature resistance, at 200 ℃ long-term use, remains flexible at-60 ℃;

2,electric insulation properties, excellent dielectric properties of Silicon rubber, especially at elevated temperatures greatly exceeds the dielectric properties of common organic rubber, dielectric strength in the 20-200 range are almost independent of temperature influence;

3,excellent weather resistance, ozone-resistant and UV-resistant performance, long-term outdoor use cracks do not occur. Generally believed that silicone can be used outdoors for more than 20 years;

4,excellent high-temperature compression set;

5,the advantages of good processing properties, easy molding, extrusion and hot air vulcanization molding, die forming, jiayancheng produced a variety of products. Silicon rubber products have excellent performance and good economic results, has been in the aviation, space, Atomic Energy, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, medical and health, found wide application in various areas of everyday life.