Rubber whitish

In the rubber industry called spraying Frost, is due to the partial or all of the rubber products in the presence of high concentrations of complex agent in the surface overflow, condensation into frost-like, spray cream is mainly vulcanizing agent, the use of natural rubber is sulfur.

The solution is: full mixing, so that the coordination agent dispersed evenly. The proper addition of pine tar in rubber and liquid coumarone can increase the solubility of the binder to reduce the phenomenon of frost spray.

The appearance of a cloud-like or white powder substance on the surface of a rubber product due to migration of a liquid or solid binder inside a compound or vulcanized adhesive. This is due to the use of sulfur, paraffin wax, some old-age agents, and softening agents beyond their solubility in rubber. In order to prevent spraying frost, the above various dosage of the mixture should be appropriate, to the common sulfur-yellow spray cream can be used to prevent the use of insoluble sulfur.

Spray is also known as spray (blooming), is the rubber processing of the common quality problems, it refers to the vulcanized rubber or vulcanized rubber contained in the agent to migrate to the surface and precipitation phenomenon. Sometimes the spray is a frost-like crystal, so it's customary to call it "frost spray." Most of the frost is sulfur, because sulfur is the most widely used in general rubber vulcanizing agent, and in the low solubility of rubber so easy to produce spray. In fact, from the appearance of the spray, it is not necessarily frost-like, but also oil-like (softening agent, plasticizer) or powder (more fillers, aging agents, promotional agents, etc.) of the material, and even the carbon black gush out also have seen.